The last 40 years Diagnostic Cytopathology Procedures are integrated in the everyday diagnostic routine of hospitals, because the diagnosis via Cytopathology is fast, safe, painless and low cost. The Cytological examination of cervicovaginal smeras via test Papanikolaou is the only recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for population based screening to prevent cervical cancer.

The Department of Cytopathology belongs to the medical school of the University of Athens. It was established in 3 July 2003 via a common decision of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education (Decision number 69379θ/Β1). Director of the department was assigned the Associate Professor P. Karakitsos.

According to the establishement decision the Department of Cytopathology has the following units:

Nowadays all the units are operational.

The Department of Cytopathology was certified in 18th July 2006 with an ISO9001:2000 (Certification No2006V526). Nowdays all the quality control procedures are passed and the department is certified by an ISO9001:2008 (click here). The Department of Cytopathology is preparing the procedures required to be acredited via ISO15189 for all the applied examinations.